Frequently asked questions:

RTR or Kit?

RTR (Ready to Run) means just that. The car or truck needs very little preparation before you're up and running. This is a great option for hobbyists who don't have a lot of free time to build a kit or who want to ensure that the vehicle is assembled correctly. This option is strongly recommended for new participants in the sport.

Kits are a great alternative for hobbyists who enjoy building models. Assembling a kit can be as much fun as the actual racing. Most manufacturers supply their kits with excellent instructions so the building process is not that complicated. A typical simple 2WD buggy kit can be assembled in 8 to 10 hours. Experienced racers typically build their cars from kits as it allows them the flexibility to modify and fine-tune their cars to their personal specifications.

Electric or Nitro?

Nitro and electric cars have similar features and options. However, nitro cars will run faster and longer than electric vehicles. Nitro cars are also more realistic with their smoke and sound. Electric cars are less expensive, easier to maintain and operate and can be run inside or outside while nitro cars must be run outside. For beginners to this exciting sport, electric vehicles are recommended as they are simpler to operate and maintain. As your experience level increases you can upgrade to nitro.

How fast do they go?

The speed of R/C cars and trucks is very dependent on factors such as the size of the motor/engine and whether the vehicle is stock or modified.

On-road gas

20-60 mph

Off-road gas

20-60 mph

On-road electric

20-70 mph

Off-road electric

15-40 mph

On-road or off-road?

On-road vehicles look like the cars and trucks you see racing in the "real world". They can reach very high speeds and are easy to drive on flat surfaces, both inside and out. Off-road kits feature large knobby tires and big, heavy duty shocks for climbing and jumping obstacles. You can also buy cross-over cars that are basically on-road cars with off-road tires and suspensions. Off road vehicles are more popular as they can be run on both flat and rough surfaces.

2WD or 4WD?

2WD vehicles offer simpler assembly and less maintenance while 4WD vehicles are easier to drive and handle significantly better.

If you have further questions, feel free to email us or come by the store and see these cars and trucks for yourself. We also stock a number of books and videos that will help you get started in this exciting sport.

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